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by - January 21, 2016

Hello guys!
Although it's late, I'm back!
Before I post about the last part of freshman half-year, I'll give you a rare item. That is #Psychograph!

As said in the first post that this part will be a rare item, because of my activity as a student. So let's see the first #Psychograph!

#Psychograph 1 : Doodle Item

All of this doodle made when I get a bored feel at the class. Somehow my friend ask about whether I take note for the lecture or not. But I think, this better that got slept in the class lol. #dontfollowthisguys lol. And I think going to note all of the lecturer say and show is useless if you didn't learn the material first. (I got this when reading Ciccarelli's book)

I know this far than better from any doodle maker before me, but I just love to express something. Writing various block font is not good for me, so that's my style.
Okay, the tree is didn't good enough here.

Absurd, means "unreasonable".

The last one is about me. Yeah, all of my complex brain was there lol.

That's all of this section.
If I got another rare item, I'll post here!


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4 Psycho-react!

  1. Replies
    1. nanti ya kalau udah punya doodle shop wkwkwkwkk XD

  2. Keren (y) garis tulisan tangannya unik.
    Oiya, agak sdikit kurang ngerti sih abis tulisan nya bhs inggris hehe.
    Mngkin bsok2 akan trbiasa, hehe. Salam kenal Puji :)

    And i'm intersted with pyscho juga, smmoga bisa brbagi ilmu