6 Interesting Book I Read from Goodreads Reading Challenges - Part 1

by - August 13, 2016

In another post, you already know that I follow Goodreads Reading Challenge. Now I wanted to (re)-review 5 books that looks interesting (for me!) Let you know the books!

The first one is "Rumah Kaca (House of Glass)" by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. This book take place in Indonesia when Netherlands colonize the country. Yeah, I know that he used some ideology in his book, but I don't care that. I just care about main character in this story, an archiver named Jaques Pangemanann. The first time, i can see him as a Indonesian people who works with colonial government and got really great life as police until an incident (i don't really remember ;_; I read it two month ago) and he throw away the main character from the series, Minke to Ambon.

Trivia : It's the last book from the series "Buru Quartet".

After that, Pangemanann retiring from police department. But his work didn't end. He appointed as a worker of intelligent department in colonial government (Algemene Secretarie). This is the start of his psychological changes. He got a dilemma what he must do, because he must do archiving for stopped organization activity, but he also admires Minke's ideology and great step in make Indonesia as a free country. Finally, his life makes him choose to work than "go out" (like how his life with wife and they're happy).

But, day by day, Pangemanann psychologically dropped. He start to drink more alcohol, feel more stress and dilemma, and works like robot (didn't have feeling, he even just sign the letter and didn't care about his feeling). After psychological drop, his life become so sad. His wife didn't wanted to live with him, he lost his house and many more. In the end, he meet someone who know that he was the person who throw away and let die Minke. She (wife of  Minke, btw) believe that he do many things to Minke until he died. So, Pangemanann feeling like "going deep in well". Resolution? He back to religion and send all Minke archive (also his own note titled the same with the book) to his wife.

The psychological changes like this is so memorable and learn-able by me as psychology student. how dilemma make stress and frustration make me think that Pangemanann somehow need psychology treatment. Another thing we can learn : archiving will not stopping people from organizational moves, but i'll kill the archiver (psychologically).

Before going for the second, I'll tell you the fourth book. That's "Unfriend You" by Dyah Rinni. I love how the story is going. It's about a member of a popular clique in the school. She become friend with the head of clique with her papercraft. Although she seems happy with that, she also feel afraid to lost her friend because she ever experienced that. One day, there's a new student come to the school and near with head of clique's boyfriend. It makes the head of clique finally bullying that new student. In the end, this member is back to herself. Yea, I didn't want too much spoiler in this review lol.

Same as previous book, I can learn some psychological things like why people bullying, or why people afraid to be theirself.

Finally (for this part) I'll give you the fifth book : "Sri Sumarah" by Umar Kayam. I'm really like how soft his word altough the storyline is so dark and hard (even for Sri Sumarah's story istelf). The story is also interesting for "all-genre-fans-except-the-cringe-one" like me :D

Okay, just that for now. I'll post second part of this post ^^

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4 Psycho-react!

  1. How deep
    I wouldn't enjoy that in the time like nowadays

    Yang ringan-ringan aja lama tamatnya, gimana yang berat berat

  2. Kalau bang aul suatu hari jadi bikin buku baca juga ya pujjj :)))

  3. Puj baca novel terjemahan juga doong
    Seru seru tau :3

  4. tiga komen bang aul nih *lol*

    1. yang berat-berat bacanya kalau lagi santai aja bang
    2. iya nanti dibaca u.u
    3. belum ada waktu membaca ;_;

    maafkan telat membalas