The Half-Year Life of Freshman (1)

by - January 11, 2016

Hello again guys!
Because I’m on holiday now, I’m going to tell, a journey of first semester. Nah, in international college, 1st year of study is called “freshman time”. So the 1st semester can be a half year life of the “freshman” heheheheh.

Now Let’s begin.

1. Adjust The Fee

After get into college via Test a.k.a SBMPTN, I must get ready for adjust the semester fee. So I must go everyday to collect the equipment for adjust the fee. The equipment is :

- Letter of Agreement (for student and parent)- The paper of salary (for parent who worked as government employee a.k.a PNS, formal worker like in company and non-formal worker)- Family Card (a.k.a Kartu Keluarga)- And other thing that I forgot lol =.= #slapme

After fill the form online and upload the equipment, your college fee level will appeared.

The good thing, I got the well adjusted fee for my parent ^o^

2. Nationality Training

Now, It’s time to new student to get training. The first one is Nationality training. We used sport clothes and do some exercises, games, and outbound. We also have a seminar about nationality and drugs (here, it means narkoba)

The full article is here.

3. Andalasian Character

In Andalas University, there’s a character that build by some of lecturer here. At first, I didn’t have an idea what it is. But after two days training, I understand that this training is another character building that make Andalas student different than other college. But, yeah, I think the character must build with heart, not only with training hehehe.

Special : Because Psychology is part of Medicine Faculty, so I have a feeling like “I must be a writer here, too!” Because there’s a Bachelor of Doctor program (now she’s a young doctor, really I don’t know how to describe “dokter muda” in formal English) who just write her first book but get the national seminar. She write about her story and motivation.

The full article is here

4.The Orientation Day

So the day when I’m officially student come. The orientation is one week (6 days for real time heheh).

Special : Every college in Indonesia have their own name for new student. In my campus, the name is Bimbingan Aktivitas Kemahasiswaan dalam Tradisi Ilmiah (call it short : BAKTI)

First day is clean rehearsal for ceremony. We must sing the university song and also national song for ceremony.
Second day is ceremony for welcoming new student. The head of university is talking in front of all of new student. There’s also researcher who present his research project (he’s also a lecturer). Then, vice head of university have a speech. And that’s the end of formal event. The rest of the day, we have an introduction of University student's executive council (a.k.a BEM) and University student consultative council (a.k.a MPM)
Third day is an introduction of University student activity.
The rest of the day is still same, in faculty level, without researcher.

The full article is here

NB : All of the full article is in Bahasa Indonesia :D

That’s all!
I’ll continue tomorrow!



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