The Half-Year Life of Freshman (2)

by - January 14, 2016

Hello guys!
Let’s continue the yesterday story. Today I’ll tell you my subject of the first semester.
This semester, the subject mostly about the nutshell of this major. We learn other subject such Anthropology, Sociology, English, and Religion.

Ehh, religion??

Because West Sumatra education (until college education) give student a Religion skill. Hehe.

Now I’ll tell you first about the psychology-based subject first.

1. Introduction of Psychology I

This subject actually can be described more as “History of Psychology” subject. Because it’s mooooooostly about history. Some part of the history somehow intersect with Philosophy. Some of my friend is confused with this intersection. This subject mostly boring if there’s no presentation and discussion. But you know? Interesting part of this subject come in the end of semester. When we talk about “School of Psychology”. There are Wundt, Freud, and Bandura. The are animal based experiment, brain observation, and bobo doll. And every school have their plus and minus.

For book, we have David Hothersall book “History of Psychology 4th edition” and B.R. Hergenhahn “An Introduction to the History of Psychology”. But because many people not too good in English, lecturer slide and some of Indonesian Books is used in task beside these two books.

The lecture atmosphere is great! We have many group task and presentation. We make some mind map and somehow make a tree or clothes for presentation!

2. Bio psychology

This subject is literally like physiology in psychology perspective. There are some of our brain and special sense (red panca indra) that related to our behavior and we learn about circadian flow, too. About why we must sleep at the right time etc etc. But the bad thing is I can’t find the right book since bio psychology book is rare (for me lol) but yeah, I think some physiology book is good for go.
The more bad thing is I must repeat this subject again because of bad value lol.

The lecture atmosphere is sometime nice and sometime boring. I can’t explain more lol.

Okay, that’s all!
Next post, I’ll post the philosophy, anthropology, and statistics subject!



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