The Half-Year Life of Freshman (3)

by - January 16, 2016

Hello guys!
I’m sorry that I can’t do the everyday posting. Fufufufu, it’s hard for me but I must do it!
Okay, I’ll continue with some subject that I write in last post!

3. Statistics I
Who say in the kind of social learning you will not find a ‘math’? In Psychology, the kind of ambiguous learning (because it can be social science and natural science, too lol) you find a ‘math’ named Statistics. Statistics is literally about your research data. How to make correlation between data, how to make a sum of all sample data, how to generalize the result of data processing.

Statistics I learning subject is the nutshell of statistics. You can find some material that learned in High School like Probability, Frequency Distribution, Mean, Median and Average(?). You don’t need to have a good mathematical skill (for you who are bad at math) because you just mathematically analyze and the rest..... Let’s calculator do it lol. (since calculator is not prohibited in my statistics exam). In my campus, SPSS (statistics processing software) is also introduced along the material (because I don’t know if it’s introduced too in other campus, really #forgiveme) 

The lecture atmosphere is another thing that I want to write. Because the lecturer is teaching us with fun, although somehow boring. But there’s a time where the time is not condusive enough for learning. So yeah, I can say it’s another great for a ‘math’ session (and my value for this subject is not bad at all)

The Book : Ronald E Walpole “Introduction of Statistics” and Tulus Winarsunu “Statistics in Psychological and Educational Research” (Statistik dalam Penelitian Psikologi dan Pendidikan) (This is Indonesian book)

4. Philosophy
One of the skill that needed by any job now and the future is critical thinking and skeptical. That’s why Philosophy is one of the subject that taken by many student (in this case psychology students). Philosophy teach us how to conduct a critical thinking. Like hypothesis, conclusion (some basic research method) even some of thinking skills like deduction.

Philosophy can make people better or worse, because they also teach people to think freely. That’s why, one of our lecturer say to us to keep our faith at the high level.

The lecture atmosphere is mostly boring actually, except some of presentation and some of laugh and story by our lecturer (our lecturer is also tell about the major early days lol).

The Book : Mostly just some Philosophy book you can see on library or bookstore lol (really, we have too many book to read when learning this subject lol)

5. Anthropology
As the people who take care of human being, we must try to understand every people nature. People who come from different ethnic group and culture must have be handle differently. So Anthropology brings you to learn about culture around yours (Especially in your country). How ethnic group formed, how culture affect people personalities, and how each of culture (initial and coming one) make a great difference is also be learned.

The lecture atmosphere is great too with some different view of the lecturer and discussion. But yeah, the presentation somehow make me think that we must go to library every presentation, hehehe.

The Book : Since I’m in Indonesia, so...... Obviously the common book is used. It’s Prof. Dr. Koetnjaraningrat’s book “The Science of Anthropology” (Ilmu Antropologi).

Okay, that’s all my post!
Next, let’s see some review (but this review is not related with psychology thing lol)

NB : Sorry for inconsistent of writing :(



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