The Half-Year Life of Freshman (4)

by - January 18, 2016

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Good morning!
Today I'll continue the yesterday hehehehe......

But before that I want to inform you who ever see me in my old blog that this blog is make with a new user. So, yeah.....

6. Sociology
Sociology focus on how the social relationship formed and going. Yeah, it's influenced with other thing too. People who expert at sociology see that everything have an external factor, like habit and personality. So why psychology student take this subject, too? For me, i'ts like a supplementary study that make our skill better, lol.

But yeah, I'm sorry lecturer, but the lecture atmosphere is mostly boring. Especially when the lecturer explain everything sooooo long. -_____-

Same with Bio psychology, this subject is got a bad value and must be repeated.

The Book : Paul B. Horton and Chester Hunt "Sociology" (this is so old book, 1968 lol)

7. English
90% of psychology books is in English. That's can explain everything since this subject learning is about some grammar.

But the most thing I liked from this subject is the lecture atmosphere. It's not awesome, but serve a greatness in another level. It's because the lecturer know many pop culture (like film, you know) and read many book so his knowledge look ...... yeah I can't explain (I ever feel small after one of the lecture talks lol). And the lecturer is quite funny (but much funny for my friend).

Additional Notes : He likes some superhero stuff like Marvell (I don't know the other) and he love Star Wars. He wanted to watch "Star Wars : The Awakening Force" in December 2015 but can't because we're in a semester exam lol lol lol.

The Book : Betty Azar's "Understanding and Using English Grammar" (it's common book you know)

8. Religion
Why we must learn Religion? Because the world is so hard(?) lol.
But I say this to the reality. Many people who know the great of faith (especially Islam) hide it under the big box so people will not interested to a faith. But spiritual thing is important you know. Because many thing in this world is only can be believed than think.

Not much to say the other thing. Even for the book (We use the book that the lecturer is the author).

9. Learning Guidance (Bimbingan Belajar)
For this subject, I'll make a #Psychology section.

Okay, that's all!
I'll post about the social environment and student activity in the next post!



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