The Half-Year Life of Freshman (End - Summary and Feeling)

by - January 22, 2016

Good (early) Morning guys!
Today, the last part of the half-year freshman will come to the end. So I’ll have a summary (and feeling) for this first semester. I feel I must reflect myself in the past for make a better plan, so I make this post.


Then, all of the procedure is passed, the orientation is passed.

First semester.

Somehow I feel that I have a slow adaptation for any new environment. And the result, I used some of my high school bad habit at college, almost sleep during the class, got bad thing from lecturer, and so many bad thing.

I also have a difficulty at remind all material, until I know that the learning system I used is not effective at all. I have a difficult time with the student above me (I mean senior lol). And the system around me is depressing.

But my friend here is the most thankful thing in all of the first-half year.

Although at first I can’t be a good friends with them, but I stay learning. Because they can understand my slow social learning. Yeah, I really got a great time with them. There’s a time when we eat together, we support for Futsal competition, and the time when we make our own event for all of major family. All of the memory that can make many A4 paper to be written.

It was the first time for me to get close to boys, too. When junior high and senior high, I can’t get close to them because I’m so afraid for a bully (for myself then, because many bully boys in my Primary time). They’re nice then, hehe.

In learning, I got an awesome lecture atmosphere (although some of them is boring) in this major! Maybe I’m not in other university in Java island or any place, but for me the learning atmosphere here is another awesome thing. Thanks for the awesome lecturer then (Although I’ll meet some of them in another subject).

For my friends (can I call you best friend although just some of you to be close friends?)...

Thanks for understand all of my difficulty and try to “hug” me in this crowd.

I’m proud to be part of you, Astro :’)

NB : Gimme credit for post this LINE photo :')

Okay guys,
I’m sorry for the long long post!
See you in another post!


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14 Psycho-react!

  1. I found my best friend in my 1st semester, you know ;)

    Good luck for the next semester puj!
    Tahun 1 emang tahun senang-senang. Nanti tahun akhir baru deh...

    wkwkwk #IYKWIM

    1. hahaha nggak juga sih bang aul
      tiap tahun tu perjuangan kampus ma bang
      kan mau jadi ahli khusus abk gitu bang wkwkwwk

    2. iya sih wkwkwk

      salam buat pak hafiz ya
      (iya nggak sih pak hafiz namanya? suaminya kak jenny SKM?)

      dan Pak Rozi
      dulu semester 1 diajar sama beliau :')

  2. good for you, dude. you've past the 1st smester?
    itu.. "it the first time for me to get close" apa nggak salah grammernya? bukannya seharusnya it's atau it was atau semacamnya?

    1. Yup! It's my second semester in college ^^

      PS : thanks for the grammatical mistake reminder! I'm still learn to write English ^^

  3. What a coincidence! I accidentally visited and read a literature student's writting on a blog, and it's awesome to meet somebody who's majoring the same subject as me. Woah :3

    I've read every single posts on your blog, and I salute you. You have the courage to write in english and I don't. hiks.

    Wish you a good luck ^^

    1. Hehehe thank you for visit!
      btw, I have write short story in Bahasa, so I think it's good for writing blogs in English ^^

      Wish you a good luck, too! ^^

  4. baca ini pengen cepet cepet ngerasain bangku kuliah..wkwk

    1. Tips : pilihlah jurusan yang baik agar tidak menyesal XD

  5. i hope you always be surrounded by a lot of good friends, dear ;)
    and just keep being yourself, if they don't see what's good in you, then they're not worth it.
    enjoy your college life ;)

    1. heheh thanks for reading.
      Yup, I hope so

  6. Replies
    1. udah update itu bang aul
      barusan update :(