Why I didn't celebrate Valentine?

by - February 14, 2016

Didn't except this segment? I make this segment because I tired for public opinion. Sometimes it's annoying.

February 14th always known as "Valentine day" when in Indonesia means "Hari Kasih Sayang". This celebration comes from Roman tradition. When this day becoming a trend in teenager life, some public disagree this. Some of the reason is religion.

But, before religion account make a (spam) broadcast to other people (so people going to disagree, their hopes). I already didn't celebrate Valentine. Why? Here it is.

Love for me is everyday not only one day.
Many people make Valentine day as a special day for giving love. But, for me, love is everyday. Everyday I write in paper with love, everyday I going with my best friend with love, and everyday I learn Psychology with love, everyday I love my parent.

Love is not only for boy, guys.
Sometimes, description of love in Valentine day is a love for a boy/girl (although some people have different opinion about this). So people celebrate their love as couple. Hmmm.... for me it is so funny. Even Google describe it like what I say before.

Limiting description about love is bad, guys.

Love is not only about boys or girls. Your parent is the most thing you love every time. Your major is something that you must love, too (because is determine your success). Then your best friend and your sister and brother.

And the most important and the first is loving your Lord (Whatever the name, in Islam is Allah).

Okay, that's all. If this opinion make yourself "hot", don't read it :)



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