Another Half-Year Life of Freshman (2)

by - July 18, 2016

Hello, guys! First I would like to say sorry for a long time not posting, and people who (maybe) tired or not understand my writing. Huh, now I have journal-only Indonesian blog in Wordpress, if you wanted to read it.

For today, I’ll continue my another half-year of freshman story. I’ll talking about other learning subjects

As usual, we really got something. How to do regression, correlation, etc. But yeah, I take more effort to understand the material. I hope the mark is not bad this time :(
Don’t talk about the athmosphere for this one.

Bahasa Indonesia
For this one, the lesson is much about academic writing. About linguistic, how to write better, and judging another academic writing. One big lesson I take from the lecturer : judge something with a theory, whatever that theory. Then, don’t do any plagiarism. Even at your own writing.

Civics (or Kewarganegaraan)
We learn how to be a civilized people in this ....... Country. Fill yourself.

Quantitative Research Method
I just thinking do this method is the same with cross-sectional research method. But overall It’s just a “research method for dummies” guys...... (those bad thing, tho......)

Self Analysis
Talk about athmosphere, I think this subject is the most enjoyed thing in the semester. But, I don’t know with the mark, hiks. This subject makes me know another big thing : I must learn about myself more.

I already talk about all subject. Now for feeling.


I think I’ll just let the frienship as the time goes, because all of my friend in my year have find their own near-friend (or fiancè/fiancèè ??????)
I also find the hardest time to pick which organization that fit with me and “want to be part of them”, to be near with senior boys in “major table”, etc.

Just that for now. I’ll post my own self-analysis to be last part of my another half-year life of freshman!



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