Another Half-Life Year of Freshman (1)

by - July 04, 2016

Since I start my second year in August, I'll post my own story about 2nd semester, like what I say before. I hope you like it. And I hope you can take a guide about what will you learn in Psychology.

In another half-year of freshman, I started to learn about psychology in many aspect. I also learn many simple trick in life. But, I must take more and more task in this semester and I must deal with bad condition (like the lecturer didn't come for long time).

I'll start it from the psychology subject.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

In this subject, we learn about psychology in organization/industry. Include how to deal with many type of leadership, organization culture, burnout, and many steps in selecting employee. The lecturer is ..... (describe yourself ya, I didn't know how describe it). The atmosphere is good and make me enjoyed. But, I must take many task and ya..... I almost failed at it.

Educational Psychology

We also learn about how to deal with disabled child, social-cultural background, and capacity of learner in psychology way. The thing I didn't like is the different point of view in lecturer, when one lecturer use translated book and another lecturer pick original English book that make all of us dizzy. The atmosphere is almost boring then.....

Psychology (Psikologi Umum II)

This subject makes me wonder about how floating this subject. Yeah, the atmosphere make it like that (?) But this subject taught me about how to deal with life because there are many life tricks to try.

Okay. just that my post for now. I'll posting as soon as possible because I just going to another city! ^^



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