6 Interesting Book I Read from Goodreads Reading Challange - Part 2

by - November 08, 2016

Hello guys!
I just back back back back GO! (??) from all of business, and wanted to continue my review that delayed for so much long time. I’m sorry for super long last part. I’ll make this blog full of post for next time.

So this is the last part of 6 rating book, and after this, I’ll (not promised yea) post a review about my own choice book out from those 6. Here it is the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th of my review!

3. Malam Terakhir by Leila S. Chudori
I must admit that this short story collection is so interesting because the story theme is so modern but full of aestetics. The story going unique with many plot twist and irony about life. My favorite story is “TK” or Topeng Kehidupan that show the saddest (for me) irony of life : You can life freely, but if you want to become part of people you must follow their rules, symbolized by a “mask” or “topeng”.

6. 101 Hari Menulis dan Menerbitkan Novel by R. Masri Sareb Putra
This book is really interesting with detailed steps of make a great novel that people can remember. I really love each day in that book because many of them is near with me (reliable, maybe?) like remembering childhood, reading your favorite book, write 4 page (for example) each day, etc.

4.O by Eka Kurniawan
Actually, I like many Eka Kurniawan’s book since “Perempuan Patah Hati yang Kembali Menemukan Cinta Melalui Mimpi”. All of his book have very interesting aestetics and very unusual storyline, which is challenging for me. And his new novel have interesting story about human who “become” animal and animal who “become” human, life struggles, and somehow a wisdom to back to The One.

Okay, that’s all my post today, but before the (really) end, I must say to you that I have updated my ARW broadcast, so please listen for it! I also have Vine now! Yea, Vine is so kind that they have upload facilities in their’s Windows 10 app!

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