When I Upgraded (?)

by - November 11, 2016

We already know that Microsoft has released newest version of Windows last year and anniversary update last month. They have many features that looks good for touch screen laptop and gamer. But, because people still experienced a bad update (you can googling for it) I just didn’t interested in upgrading. Until I feel that my laptop need to be updated (because update files already 100+). I also feels bored someday with my activity (and yeah, even more and more bored after didn’t pass campus journalist organization test). Moreover, I also curious with my laptop in those new OS. So I decided to upgraded my HP Pavilion x360 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 build 1607 (I buy the laptop with pre-installed Windows, so I get the update, lol).

What I get after upgraded?

The first is definitely upgraded metro app, that’s already available in Windows 8/8.1. They didn’t load in full screen in desktop mode. So they have window, too. Some of application also have brand new user interface, like LINE and some pre-installed windows app (ex : new mail app).

The second is Edge. You know that Microsoft change their default browser to Microsoft Edge. In this edition of Windows I still have Internet Explorer, but I didn’t use it. I’m also not using Edge frequently since I have another stable browser :D But the drawing facility in Edge is great, tho.

The third is Interface. It just modern, simple and light. Maybe you would be bored with those black taskbar but I think they (Microsoft-red) just wanted to show their OS simplicity with only black and white. But no matter since I can pick the accent color, so it also looks cute lol.

The fourth is the pre-installed metro app. Most of them is stable. So I just like to use them, like calendar hihihihihi. Some of Microsoft casual games is lighter to use, like solitaire (yea, finally I got that old game again lol)

The fifth is Vine. I already said in previous post that they have upload button :D

The last one is the touch screen facility. They just get better and I even can draw peacefully if the screen is very clean (also with the tablet mode).

Comparison between old and new

Windows 8.1 and 10 in my laptop is same in how fast the OS is. They have the same BIOS startup time (around 3 seconds) and transition between user login and desktop is also the same. Again, it depends your laptop specification.

Almost the same tho.

Metro app
New OS better, like I have writed above

Just that for comparison, I just feel the same between the old one and the new one, so I lazy to rollback (lol)

Do you get the flaws?
Yea, definitely.
But that always arrives in driver problem, so I suggest you to connect to internet as fast as possible if you already upgraded, so Microsoft and hardware provider can install your missing driver faster (It happens with me, lol). But I think it depends of the laptop again.

I also ever get sluggish OS when playing music in metro app, but after updated it’s OK.

I didn’t wanted to rank since I used Windows since Junior High School (with my Qompac laptop and ASUS laptop that I forgot the name of model lol). But I like the features then ^^

Note : I also interested with people who trying Cortana. Must I make “Cortana Challenge” video? lol

Let’s see my next post, please! ^^



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    Compared to your laptop, my netbook looks like trash wkkwkwkw

    1. buy tablet then. my senior ever use tablet with a keyboard for make tasks lol.

      But at least your netbook is still good for make task tho, Bang Aul XD