Blogger is NEW, guys!

by - November 23, 2016

In super nice Wednesday, I just wanted to blog something. But, I didn't know what to do. I'm asking my internet connection to tell me what to do. I'm ended looking up new LINE messages and Vine videos. I opened my lovely browser, then Google loading slowly. Then I opened Blogger via bookmark. At first, it didn't wanted to open. Yeah internet connection 😓

I'm trying to open Blogger again. Then i know that the link to home is changed! 😮

from"home" (avoiding make link lol)
to"YOUR BLOG ID"#allposts

What happening with this page? I'm asking in turbulence. 😩 Yeah, just think if your blogging page is broken when you really wanted to post something.

So I reload the page million times, and the page appears. It concluded that : Blogger got a brand new page. Google said, "this simplified page make everything in one. You can see post and reading list here." I think they used "all-in-one" method for their blogging page (except posting) than the one Wordpress use : simplified interface but still use layered page like "reading list" page, "blog dashboard" page, etc. At first I was like person entered an strange planet since the page is new and low connection. But after that, I used for it. Because it's simpler (and I love it, lol) 😄.



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3 Psycho-react!

  1. Yess another upgrade of team that we love ^^

    It become simpler and easier to use and catchy too
    Make my blogging spirit boosted 200% hahaha

    1. yeah, now we must blogging frequently hahahah 😂😂😂