2016 Best Moment

by - January 25, 2017

Why best moment? 

Because I like to think the bad thing that happen at the year before, and make myself miserable. So now, I’ll try to train my brain to remember the best moment, although it’s late (and maybe is not a big moment tho). And this is the best moment in last year!

Get 3 the whole year! 

I must really thankful, because my value in 2016 is 3 in both semester! I think it almost impossible to get 3 in 3rd term, because my activity overlapped with organization activity, but the result is not that bad. I think study hard and cleverly is enough to get 3.4. Fighting!

My design ability is upgraded

You can see in my post that my design ability is upgraded, and I need more effort to do it (like make a mosque, I’ll post you a mosque design later!). It become elegant and professional. Because I’m so crazy looking at design inspiration and doing changes at my photo file in the computer. I’m gonna seeing someone who liked my design and wanted to do a work with me.

Getting opportunity in small organization and committee

Although small, organization gives you experience how to life in a very tight society. Same thing goes with committee. (altough it’s small, yea)

This blog have many self-stuffed photos

It’s proof that I started blogged profesionally, although some post still sound cringe lol.

SHINee’s back! And some others awesome song release.

I just love music like yesterday like what I do with Gfriend before, then I loved Oh My Girl new releases, or (in Japan) I loved Nogizaka46 as always, Keyakizaka46 which become japan trend because “Silent Majority”. All of them is great (and because of that, I not as much seeing boys content). But the comeback that make me happy, and seeing their show more is SHINee’s comeback. Just see yourself he he he.

Just that the moment that I can remember for now. Just hoped this year is better!



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