Writing challange 1 - Hero.

by - January 27, 2017

I just thinking about who is the hero in this cruel world. Who is it? Batman? Superman? Or maybe Antman? Yeah I didn’t know. As a lone wolf, I can’t be a hero. Because I’m a messy person. Yea, I’m a girl. But what’s false with messy thing? Can’t having husband? Bad in culture?

One thing for sure : I can’t be a hero. Because a hero must a very tidy person. Like Spiderman who have a tidy room. And a hero must someone who can use creativity for bigger purpose, like Superman who worked in office, and Spiderman who worked in journalistics photoghraphy. Even Suicide Squad use their creativity in bigger purpose, in a bad way before they going to prison.

But nowadays, people didn’t need a hero. They need a super team instead. I didn’t understand in some way, because somehow they didn’t change something or create something special. Except for a music group, which I very very admire. Altough like that, people opinion about super team still arise. That reflected from some superhero film like The Avengers and Suicide Squad.

At the end, my note from bottom of my heart : I can’t be a hero. I just can be a freak lone wolf who still struggling in this life. But, I hope I can be someone who created many things special and heard by world.

I hoped someone will heard my creature and make his/her life beautiful ❤

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  1. Oh dear, you're a hero
    Because you just saved my blogwalking time with an english post :)