Writing Challange 2 : Ash and Tourist

by - April 04, 2017

“When I see around and they didn’t care about me, I feel free. I don’t feel like ash (like other people feel). Just a tourist.”

There’s a day when I feel so bored at my boarding house, so I just going somewhere in this city. I find that I’m so fascinated with the city change. Now my city has 21 home theater and (soon) will have 2 with a brand new Transmart. There’s many clothing store that sell many expensive clothes, when some small shop sell it 35.000 for all or even 25.000. Bookstore now also have a low pricing corner (altough they sell old book) that have atleast good book. I found two books yesterday that priced 10.000 and 15.000 each.

I just buy one and that’s about bicycle. I buy that book because it has relevance with my upcoming novel series project. I’ll review that later!

When I walking in those city street, I see many people going with their friends, families, even boyfriend/girlfriend. For me it’s nice thing, but I prefer to go alone than togheter. Because being alone means freedom. You can go wherever and whenever you want.

“There’s people who ask me ‘why you go alone?’ I just say ‘I just wanna going somewhere.’ Simple.”

Sometimes, when people go alone, they’ll feel like ash. Because nobody care about them and they must search many place alone. But I just feel like usual tourist, tho. Maybe every people prefer different thing.

“I’d love to be an ash in a store. I didn’t like people distract me.”

That’s why I love bookstore, although nowadays some worker there ask me to buy a bestseller book. This afternoon, I see some phone shop JUST for see the smartphone and the prices (see that on internet feel like see fictional thing for me). But the worker keep asking. Yea, I know that’s their work but I just didn’t have money to buy it, so I just stay ther for some minutes there.

In the end, this writing is all about my mind. I’m sorry for posting this late. I didn’t update the box yet and this is the end of March. I’m not end my ARW podcast yet (lol). Okay.

“Ash and Tourist is depend on your perspective.”

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3 Psycho-react!

  1. Believe or not, I go anywhere alone like all the time, lol
    (except for lunch and dinner, I like to go with my squads)

    And yes, I love that cheap section at GM too.
    I go the like all the time too, lol
    I used to spent hours in the 3th floor, but since that cheap section has opened, I always spent the day there. lol

    I also love to enjoy the beach all by my self.
    Shopping in the mall too, I love to choose everything all by my self.

    jadi gak ada deh tu yang ngomen-ngomen udah capek atau minta pulang eggara kelamaan nyari yang paling bagus tapi murah hahahaha

    I never buy a book for a research of writing stories. I usually watching movies or watching MVs or people's vlogs only.

    learning from books for the riset sound good to try

    Wow, you inspire me.
    thankies puj!

    1. yeah! you're welcome!

      Watch MV is good for describing places ^^

  2. Loving the new header

    feels so twilight-atmosphere gitu wkwk

    I always like that cold smogy wild nature feels