An Update

by - January 21, 2023

Hello everyone, PujP here.

It is been too long since my last update on main blog and it's even longer here. I just finished my last task as an student and finally graduated. Knowing how psychology education will change their system and I'm not occupied yet, I spent most of my time gaming, reading a lot of people convo in internet and also reading tons of book from the most scientific one to the most questionable one.

I don't know what lies in the future, bu I'll try to update blog again from now. there are a lot of things I wanna write, but there's some :

- the organizations series, which is ironic since the last post is 2019 and most of student organizations is already much changed plus I graduated.

- some of takeaway about how psychology gonna develop in the future (I'm not a doctorate, but I read psychology paper a lot)

- more news to come soon.

from living tree,

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