Another Update

by - June 15, 2023

Hello everyone, PujP here.
How's life?

It has been almost 7 month from my last update, and I wanted to say that I do some changes that not iterated on last update. I feel that I started to realized that many of my posts is a mirror to my self nowadays, and I wanted to embrace it by changing it to what's relevant to me now and in the future. So, for tldr :
  • I'm drafting all of my organizational posts on my main weblog cause I think they're not that relevant anymore for me. But I may change my mind later and republish back with one LAST post about IOMS and my experience at least by March 2024.
  • I'm also changing my about page on main weblogsite to reflect this inner change.
  • Changing a lot of about weblogsite page cause some of them actually didn't reflect what actually happens.
  • Change some links on about weblogsite page cause some project is no longer maintained and probably can't maintained anymore with my own capabilities.
Also, on this update post, I want to say that I will organize my published short story rewrite, and future long fictional writing on separate website that not writing platform. I don't think I can handle gamification and socialmediafication of writing platform nowadays (even substack, I completely ignored the social media side of the platform). So I'll make it on doc site that allow profile and folders. But, that's for future reference for at least by 2024.

I think I said enough. I'll come here again with post if I can. Have a nice day.

from living tree,

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