update again since i'm not doing that in main blog

by - April 13, 2024

hello everyone,
just gonna say in lowercase that, due to writer existential and moral crisis that happened after i graduated, i'm not updating blog since september last year. especially in the age when genocide happens and everything feels like irony and tasted sour. do i have blog ideas? many. but all of that ended up just in draft cause it's either too marketing-like-material-that-seo-wants-but-i-dont-like-it or this-things-rather-left-in-draft-cause-its-too-wild.

and tbh... i'm not feeling to dip my mental in marketing world anymore. again, it against my will when i choosed my major. and i don't have much mental energy to manage not only blog, but also instagram, twitter, and other social media, and also seo just so i got decent writing job that pays only bucks for one week food only. so yeah, i'll just ruminating things, but i can't share that much anymore. i don't think to have energy to overshare and i'm also not really liking people know what my very ideal self i want lmao.

hoping all readers healthy and happy.

from living tree,

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